Holding On

I have four sisters two brothers. One brother has passed, two years ago of natural causes. My sisters and brother are very close. Since this pandemic started, we call each other everyday. We end up talking about mundane things in our daily lives. We know that today or tomorrow could quite possibly be the last time we talk, in regards to this virus being so prolific. We are all shocked at the severity of Covid-19. We admit, we are frightened at the thought of one of us or our children succumbing to this virus. It breaks my heart that so many people have lost loved ones. If I were to lose one of my sisters, brother or friends, it would hurt so much. They are my best friends. In the past years, we had our disagreements and arguments but that only made our bond stronger.

We haven’t seen each other for a few months. We are all self quarantined.

My girlfriends and I haven’t seen each other since February due to this virus. I miss them dearly. We have so much fun together.

Where am I going with all this. Well, I think many people have come realize how precious life is. And how fragile we are. And although we are waiting to go back to a normal society, normal may never come again. Some of the states are opening up. Businesses are being open. What I hope will stay with society is our tenacious way to stay six feet apart, wear masks and wash our hands and surfaces often. The wait for a vaccine will be months away. If not a couple of years

So my wish to you is, to enjoy each moment. Say I love you to your loved ones, as often as possible. And practice gratitude once a day. May all of us cherish life and practice love every minute of the day.

Thank you and stay safe. ❤️


  1. Shreya Sharma · July 16, 2020

    Stay safe. 💙


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