When your heart was tender and rampant thoughts ruled you mind

I couldn’t get to you

The edge was near so you jumped

Into darkness

I couldn’t get to you in time

Will you ever come back whole?

Joann Cohen 2020


You make the Sun and it gives us warmth

You give us breath and we live and you take it away when it’s time

You channel the wind to change our stagnant seasons You also give us frosty winters to remind us we are mortal

We have this incredible sensory system that can experience your gifts that you bestow upon us

The shimmer and twinkling of the stars are measurements of our infinite souls

You give us a night to cover us and you give us a daylight that we may bring Heaven to earth

All we need to do is call on you and you comfort us when we have our deepest pain

Thank you for this gift of a broken life. It is up to me to cherish all you have given

and You have given an enormously

Joann Cohen 2020


All the days became dark at 5:00pm.

And the wind blew the cold air into our town. Howling and warning us of the treacherous Winter that lay ahead.

Gleaming in the distance, light that sparked hope and warmth.

For it was December, a month full of contradictions.

Joann Cohen December 2019

To see another day

We are all here. The congested, the man with a broken back. The woman who had a surgical mask on and is coughing. The relatives waiting to hear from their loved ones. The babies who are fever ridden. The lovely couple in their eighties,who are so buoyant and conversational. The man sitting next to me who just came back from having a CT Scan. The disheveled and homeless. Not one of us are making eye contact, we are all on our phones. Except for the couple in their eighties. Some have smiles others are clearly lost. We are all hoping to live another day. It’s a waiting game in this hospital. Who gets called by the doctor, but then comes back to the waiting room and waits some more. It’s been 3.5 hours that I’ve been waiting. They are testing my blood for slowly occurring damage to my heart. I wonder if they will detect how broken it is. Broken from all the ugliness on TV from that man we call our leader, leading us into the ground.

Joann Cohen December 2019


Time has stopped

This unrelenting dis ease never ends

My heart bleeds for the casualties

It consumes

No amount of caution could have prevented love from blooming


a fuchsia sky

Babble of deep deceit

the brain struggles to make sense of what’s happening

I’ve lost track of the days

they roll by in darkness


October 2019

Unexpected Peace

I don’t know what to wish for

I don’t know what to hope for

I ask the universe for guidance on what to wish for. I don’t hear anything but silence

Perhaps this silence is what I’ve prayed for.

A sweet calm

A sun ray on myself

My higher third eye

If I breath very slowly

deep breath in then out

JomillyArt 2019 all rights reserved