We Are All Friendly

Oh the joys of X’s

The dimensions they bring.

Bringing their X’s

to the tiny home

of the newlyweds

Oh the joys of X’s

Bringing their entourage

Of chihuahuas

who bark and growl

At this X’.

Joann Cohen 2019 all rights reserved



I dive into the surreal life of social media

Seeing the faces of friends and family

I hear their voice, catch their conversations.

I’m there in that restaurant

with all the banter, clanging dishes, silverware and the aroma of the culinary masterpieces and mojitos

Then, I look away from my phone and I’m alone in my quite apartment.

It’s my safe space of reflection of what I’ve just witnessed

My solitude is peaceful and any time

If I want company, I look down at my phone to insert myself into banter and frivolity.

Joann Cohen 2019 all rights reserved

Rainy Days

The sky is gray

The rain is falling

And my thoughts have betrayed me

They have decided I am not a poet

Just a woman longing for company

wine and merriment

Joann Cohen all rights reserved

I Stay Close

I keep the Sun close to me

He keeps me close to his heart

Sheltered in my delusion

Sheltered in my dreams of returning to Her one day

I keep the Sun close to me

He keeps me away from the glittering cold air of the moon

Who temps me to sit

In her silver craters to discuss love

Peppered by hope

Bursting stars take me away

To the restlessness of Mars my Red God of War. And I ask him “ Is there anything you can do to save Her?” He replies, “Man has no hope for he consumes Her for instant gratification without thinking of Her future generations

I wait for absolution from my beloved Earth for I have left her. I write her a love note among the stars.

“Mother Earth you are my Poem. You are the flicker of incandescent light.”

I keep the Sun close to me who shelters my breezy thoughts of the Earth

Where I once knew a life like no other

it was my playground

Many times going around on the carousel and spinning into Earths pleasures

Pleasures of Rain, sunsets, snow and starlet jasmine, the dewy mornings The sweet songs of birds filling my essence.

I keep the Sun close to me because the Wind whispers in my ear to follow her to galaxies unknown.

“I can find another place as diverse as Earth where there is plant life, air snow,chirping of birds, insects who sing for rain and renew our forests and deserts.”She says.

I tell her,

“You have no proof.”

I keep the Sun close to me

And watch from afar my beloved planet where life is unbound in the oceans in the sand on the prairies and the mountains

I keep the Sun close to me as we watch the blue planet slowly turn a decrepit shade of brown

While men line their pockets with silver, gold and power

The air the atmospheric gases choke most and kill many. And the water slowly fills with red algae and viruses

I reach one last time to my beloved Earth to say goodbye to her

I keep the Sun close to me as we witness the destruction of our oasis of life

Revolutionary people of today rise up and save her.

Joann Cohen2019

photos found on Google