Time has stopped

This unrelenting dis ease never ends

My heart bleeds for the casualties

It consumes

No amount of caution could have prevented love from blooming


a fuchsia sky

Babble of deep deceit

the brain struggles to make sense of what’s happening

I’ve lost track of the days

they roll by in darkness


October 2019


Unexpected Peace

I don’t know what to wish for

I don’t know what to hope for

I ask the universe for guidance on what to wish for. I don’t hear anything but silence

Perhaps this silence is what I’ve prayed for.

A sweet calm

A sun ray on myself

My higher third eye

If I breath very slowly

deep breath in then out

JomillyArt 2019 all rights reserved


When did It happen

When did I decide not go for a walk and just sit around

When did I decide to sleep till one o clock in the afternoon and not get out of bed

When did I decide to let my thoughts go from little commitments and goals

to thoughts of the past and ( if only’s) and ( should have done this )

When did I stop being grateful for each moment

When did I choose to exist and not live?

How do I make this downward spiral stop?

Joann Cohen all rights reserved