The awakening








Popping pills


Hair thinning

Avoiding mirrors

Scales are liars


Only to




Blood work

Charts records

Lab results lie

I’m running



Bone marrow









Keep moving


Scales lie

Labs lie


Truth tellers

Fortune fibber


Away from


Not ready to go

Refuse to return

Still have work to do

Refuse to go


What I am Discovering

Nothing new to write. I am feeling unworthy of the pen and paper. Instead I am reading. Reading on how to interpret literature. It’s overwhelming what there is to learn. I also checked out The Associated Press style book. On top of this, I’m reading and learning about Latino writers. Wow, I don’t recall ever be ing .”introduced to any of these Latino writers in my high school English Lit class . This was in the late 1970’s early eighties. I’m blown away with how many there are and how great their contributions are. All the more reasons to have Mexican American Studies in high schools. I just think to myself how much more confidence I would of had growing up knowing they existed. Confidence in all my subjects.

“Si se puede”

The Gilded Whitehouse

Leave this patriarchal nest. A Mother yes, turned into a sexual being

Concubine once, now I’m a queen with longings for jesters to be by me hold my hand; while the maddening king destroys everything he touches

Joann cohen 2017. Image from google

The Unknown

Give me a Rainy day

Two glasses of Chardonnay

One week before my hormones change

Don’t leave me alone

Come join me, hear my soul

Or tonight I’ll sit by the phone

Explore the unknown

Jazz fills the room and cold alcohol

In my warm blood and brain

Yet he is the only one to rid me of my shame

My lips are smooth yours are cracked

And salty. Callous hands building my

Wall. Come inside for some cold lemonade

Let me look at you Look at me

Tell me your story Laugh at my jokes

Make me feel alive again it’s raining

Stay inside with me as we fill this space

With conversation and intrigue

Joann cohen 1996

The Very Thought of You

I plant seeds in the dirt that will bloom in the spring

I hear the cries of babies I then hear their mothers sing

I hope soon that cry will fill my room I will swaddle you and you will not be a stranger

As I wait for your arrival I decide, what is it I want in life. A chance to write, or paint or sculpt a stone with all my insight.

Yes a million things I must do. A million dreams I have for you.

Sometimes I become very sad that you’re not here, but I won’t let my heart fill with fear.

Alone or with family I imagine what you would do at a moment like this. Smile? Cry? Or give me a kiss.

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about what your name should be. Some say I’ll just get disappointed if you never come to me.

And so it is, that I go outside to plant seeds that will bloom in the spring, Gerber daisies, Daffodils, Marigolds and Lilies that will bloom.

At the moment, I don’t know where you are, but I know your listening

Joann cohen 1994.